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Scalable Analytics for the Mobile Internet of Things (published on RCR Wireless)

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with Magnolia Mobley, Chief Privacy Officer, Carrier iQ.

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Analytics for the Mobile Internet of Things

The mobile Internet of Things (IoT) continues to dramatically change how we interact with the world. As the Internet of Things keeps growing, mobile phones are becoming personal controllers, connecting consumers through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee and other Personal Area Networks (PANs) to home control, cameras, smart watches, glasses, fitness trackers and even smart clothing. The need to monitor these metrics across networks, locations and time requires a scalable and secure solution.


  • Mobility and IoT
  • Customer Experience Monitoring
  • Today’s Big Data Analytics
  • A New Approach: IoT in Context
  • Intelligent Agents and Event Transformation
  • Big Data, Time-Series Analytics
  • Creating Predictive Insights


The Carrier iQ Partner program provides the opportunity to work with network operators in implementing,
integrating and interpreting mobile intelligence.