Carrier IQ Wins 2009 TiE50 Award

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Carrier IQ Wins 2009 TiE50 Award

Selected as One of the Hottest Global Emerging Companies among 1200 Nominees


Mountain View, CA, June 17, 2009 - Carrier IQ has been chosen as a TiE50 Winner - an award which recognizes innovation, ingenuity, and management excellence. The TiE50 award is presented by TiE at TiEcon 2009 to the top 50 startups from close to 1,200 nominees, with the winners representing the hottest and most promising startups.

TiE is a global organization dedicated to fostering entrepreneurs across its international network sponsored by top venture capital firms and Fortune 500 corporations. TiE is the world's largest not-for-profit organization for entrepreneurs, with 53 chapters in 12 countries.

"We are honored to receive this award by our industry peers in recognition of our leadership in the wireless domain. By providing a unique insight into the true mobile customer experience and empowering mobile carriers and device manufacturers, our products enable them to provide superior service and products to their end customers," said Mark Quinlivan, CEO of Carrier IQ. "We thank TiE and the Industry Expert Panel for their recognition of our services and their great effort and support."

In a mobile world where devices are increasingly expected to access more data, perform more functions, and live off-line as well as off-portal, mobile carriers and device manufacturers need far more understanding into the way networks and devices combine to deliver mobile services. The traditional methods, including the survey approach, network monitoring, and device management tools all work well, but they do not give the depth of information into service quality and customer improvements required. Now, as phones and devices become smarter, more capable and more complex, Carrier IQ believes it is imperative to use the device itself to measure service quality and user experience at the end-point (device-side), just where the customer consumes service. Carrier IQ's Mobile Service Intelligence solution provides a level of insight which was previously unavailable to both device manufacturers and mobile carriers.

Carrier IQ's Mobile Service Intelligence solution uses information from the mobile phone or the mobile broadband device intself in their normal use to understand true customer experience. It both assesses service quality and, importantly, predicts what might indicate future revenue opportunities. Carrier IQ's solutions are able to do this by analyzing data on user experience and fault conditions by type, location, device, application or network performance from millions of users, even when the functionality is independent of the network.

Carrier IQ's products enable wireless carriers and device manufacturers to make smart business decisions that can dramatically improve product quality, lower operating costs, increase customer satisfaction, reduce customer churn and increase revenues.


About Carrier IQ

Carrier IQ enables mobile carriers, phone manufacturers and service providers to improve their offerings based on direct insight into the customer experience. Deployed on over 50M phones from 10 leading vendors world-wide, Carrier IQ is the world's leading provider of Mobile Service Intelligence solutions the use the mobile phone to give detailed metrics on service quality and usage. Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Mountain View, California, Carrier IQ is a privately held, venture-capital financed company with offices in USA, UK and Malaysia. Please visit

About TiEcom 2009

TiEcon 2009 is two action-packed days of rich dialogue, networking and deal making with thousands of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, industry executives, and thought leaders. TiEcon 2009 is themed "The BOLD Entrepreneur," focusing on dynamic individuals who are able to adapt to changing conditions and create their own future despite downturns and uncertainties. TiEcon 2009 keynote speakers included Hans Morris, President of Visa Inc., Brad Smith, CEO of Intuit and Reid Hoffman, Founder, Chairman and CEO of LinkedIn.

About TiE

TiE is a global, not-for-profit, non-political, non-religious organization dedicated to fostering entrepreneurs across its international network sponsored by top venture capital firms and Fortune 500 corporations. TiE is spread across 53 chapters in 12 countries comprised of 1,800 experienced entrepreneurs and business executives as charter members, 12,000 aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals as members.

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