Understanding Carrier IQ Technology

Posted on: December 12, 2011 | Posted By: Mira Woods | Tags:

Understanding Carrier IQ

What Carrier IQ Does and Does Not Do

Following recent public discussions and questions on the use and deployment of Carrier IQ, this document is designed to provide answers and share how our software is deployed and used.

We want to thank Trevor Eckhart for sharing his findings with us through a working session that helped us to identify some of the issues highlighted in this report. We also want to thank security researcher Dan Rosenberg for his thorough analysis and industry recommendations and the cooperation of  Network Operators in assisting our investigations.

In this document, we want to let consumers to know exactly what it is that our software does, the security measures we have in place, and our commitment through our software design and processes to protecting consumers' privacy while improving consumers' experience.

This document outlines the following:

  • Details of the Carrier IQ solution and how it is deployed
  • How the Carrier IQ software - "IQ Agent" - is loaded on mobile devices
  • What information is available to Mobile Network Operators from devices
  • How data from mobile devices may be used by Carrier IQ's customers
  • How consumer data is protected through this process


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