About Carrier iQ

As the market leader in Mobile Intelligence, Carrier iQ enables the communications industry to deliver on their promise of talking and surfing from anywhere by delivering insight in the mobile experience to our customers — mobile network operators, device manufacturers and market research companies.

We empower them with a unique source of information, directly from the mobile device which represents an objective, impartial view of how handsets and devices are performing on the network, and how devices are being used day-to-day.

This knowledge is used to improve the quality of devices and the quality of the network, delivering tangible benefits to end-users while delivering significant cost savings to our customers.

The Mobile Intelligence we deliver provides uncommon insight to common industry problems such as reducing care call costs for smartphones, identifying where to increase capacity, plotting the coverage and usage of LTE, Wi-Fi and 3G networks and understanding the performance impact of applications on the network.

Serving customers from offices in the USA, Europe and Asia we deliver our products globally with a software-as-a-service model, allowing rapid scaling and deployment of our technology and services.