Device Manufacturers

Accelerate Development & Testing; Manage Device Performance

Carrier iQ (CiQ) accelerates the pre-launch testing and certification  phase by automatically recording problems and their context as they happen. Developers are then provided the data to analyze, thus improving the quality and consistency of testing. Additionally, if a device model experience poor performance in the field, the device vendor can identify the issue early with CiQ's Mobile Intelligence analytics, and offer quick solutions, often before customers complain. Early resolution helps avoid repeated design pitfalls, allowing device vendors to proactively manage device performance. 

Benefits of Carrier iQ's Mobile Intelligence:

  • Improve testing quality and consistency via complete, detailed information sourced directly from the tested device.
  • Perform key device performance measurements, including battery drain rates, call drops, usage frequency of applications, software crashes, device stability.
  • Analyze trial data across different dimensions - for example, by geography or by firmware version. 
  • Catch device issues early by comparing performance across mobile devices by model and by firmware revision, and by performing cross-correlation analysis across groups, geographies, device type, and services. 
  • Expand the scope of field trials to include aggregated feedback from all devices being tested, rather than polling individual tiral users to report their findings. 
  • Get to market more quickly with new products by accelerating the prototyping and testing phases of the development cycle. 
  • Reduce no-fault-found devices: Statistics show that 15% to 20% of smartphones are returned, but 30%-40% of those returned phones do not show any detectable defect. By leveraging CiQ Mobile Intelligence analytics, customer service representatives (CSRs) are equipped with accurate information to assess whether or not a device is faulty. 

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