The Carrier iQ software installed on a mobile device is called the iQ Agent. The iQ Agent collects, stores and forwards diagnostic measurements and data from the device to the network to solve network and consumer issues. The data collected by the iQ Agent is called ‘Metrics’.  The iQ Agent has been implemented on feature phones, smart phones, data modems and tablets.  The iQ Agents are designed with two key objectives:

Minimal impact to device resources and customer experience

  • iQ Agent consumes very little memory, battery and CPU resources.

Minimal data size

  • Gather and summarize the smallest possible amount of data (typically 200kB per day) to minimize bandwidth consumption, storage costs and computing resources in the network.

The iQ Agent receives instructions in the form of a profile, which activates the iQ Agent and defines what available metrics are to be collected and provides instructions on how to pre-process the data prior to uploading.


Profiles are instructions from network servers that activate or deactivate the iQ Agents on devices. By sending different Profiles to devices, network servers can define what available metrics are to be collected and provide instructions on how to pre-process the data prior to uploading. The content of a Profile is constructed based on the business requirements of Network Operators and the agreements they have formed with their consumers on data collection.

Each Network Operator typically has multiple Profiles that are created to provide answers to specific problems. For example, one Profile may request a group of iQ Agents to summarize broadband throughput for the previous twenty-four hours. A different Profile may instruct a different group of iQ Agents to report call failure information on a weekly basis.

Each Profile contains the following information:

  1. Should information be collected in anonymous mode or with the associated hardware serial number and the subscriber serial number (e.g. IMEI & IMSI)?
  2. The frequency of metrics uploads and instructions on what to do if the user is roaming or has disconnected from the network.
  3. The specific metrics from which to gather data.
  4. Instructions for pre-processing of metrics to create summary information.

A new Profile can be downloaded to a mobile device when the iQ Agent on the device periodically checks-in with the network server. After receiving the new Profile from the network server, the iQ Agent will begin gathering the metrics, pre-processing and uploading the data according to the instructions in the Profile.