Application Analytics

In the new mobile application ecosystem, almost anyone can create and publish device applications. This leads to not only a booming selection of applications, but also waves of consumer complaints.

The vast number of available applications, with their vastly different levels of quality, has affected consumer experience significantly. Poorly written applications can drain batteries, reduce device stability, and cause consumers to return devices. In fact, the CEO of a major mobile device manufacturer recently claimed that 70% of his company’s returned devices were sent back because applications interfered with device performance.

Carrier iQ provides Application Analytics that let you understand how applications are contributing to consumers’ mobile device performance. Application usage information, gathered with consumers’ consent, allows network operators’ support agents to triage consumer-reported problems. For instance, if a consumer complains about short battery life, support agents can quickly determine if the device has high usage that naturally leads to fast battery drain rate. If the problem is with performance stability, Application Analytics can help the support agent to isolate which application has failed most often.

Here are some samples of the Application KPIs available with Carrier iQ:

  • Average number of applications in focus per day (which indicates high usage)
  • Total in-focus duration per day
  • Percentage of application failures
  • Top 3 applications that fail (based on a count of number of failures)
  • Top 3 applications used (determined by total in-focus duration)
    You can further analyze KPIs across various dimensions, such as:
  • Device make, model, and firmware
  • Device platform type