Network Operators

Calling Customers Before they Call You

If you’re lucky, consumers call you when they have a problem. Often, though, they choose to just leave your service.

Ideal consumer care means preventing users’ problems from happening at all, or at least solving them before the user has a chance to contact you – or to leave.

Carrier iQ enables you to provide proactive care though both “small data” about individual consumers and “big data” about trends in network and device performance, usage, applications, and so on.

With Carrier iQ, you can uncover issues such as:

  • A new phone model’s reported 12-hour battery life is averaging only 6 hours in actual use.
  • Mobile device users in a 100-mile radius of a particular town experienced a high percentage of dropped calls this morning.
  • Users of certain applications, or who run more than a dozen applications simultaneously, on certain smartphone operating systems are likely to suffer slow performance.

Equipped with this information, you can solve the problem, or inform the affected or potentially affected consumers about the issue and a timetable for solution, before the users even think to call you. For instance, you might create a daily call roster based on consumers identified as having a poor experience in a particular location, or you might proactively identify devices with poor battery lives and alert consumers affected.

You not only solve the current problem, you also boost consumers’ confidence in your ability to meet their mobile service expectations. This, in turn, can translate into higher consumer satisfaction and loyalty, and lower churn.