Our Mission

At Carrier iQ, our mission is to help providers of mobile
products and services to deliver a better, more secure, and
more enjoyable mobile consumer experience.

Device-Sourced Mobile Intelligence

Carrier iQ enables mobile operators and device manufacturers to better understand how their customers experience the performance of mobile products and services. By harnessing the power of Big Data and device-sourced analytics, Carrier iQ delivers insights about a wide range of performance indicators. Armed with these insights, our customers differentiate their products and services, increase retention, and reduce the costs of customer care. Improving customer experience is often a corporate goal. However, it is also very challenging to measure. Customer experience can be inferred from surveys, drive tests, OSS/BSS or network probe information. But, only device-sourced intelligence shows what customers are actually experiencing — over time, across applications, as they change locations, move across carrier networks, or across network services such as 2G /3G/4G/LTE.

Our Values


We are passionate about developing and delivering exciting products that can lead to a better mobile user experience.


We take prudent risks and understand that our future depends upon speed and flexibility. We know that innovation is critical to success and necessary to keep ahead of the competition.

Team Work

We win as a team and collaborate across organizations. We are each personally accountable to our colleagues and customers, empowered and expected to take initiative to deliver as promised.


We strive to be the best in quality and in everything we do, and we do it with the utmost integrity and reliability.


We have a sharply focused vision of who we are, what we do, and what our strengths are: understanding customer needs; supporting our colleagues; creating and building a fun and colleagial work environment where we enjoy our professional lives.