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At Carrier iQ, our technology powers the mobile revolution. Tier-1 mobile operators and mobile device manufacturers rely on our products to deliver reliable, high-speed wireless devices and services. Our mobile analytics technology reaches from the heart of mobile devices all the way to petabyte-scale platforms where state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms uncover new solutions for optimizing consumers’ experiences and satisfaction with mobile devices and wireless services.

Tackle Complex Big Data Problems

We thrive when challenged with difficult problems. The scale, pace of change and complexity of today’s mobile industry pose new challenges that demands new and highly innovative solutions. Carrier iQ invests in the people and advanced technologies to solve these problems and to deliver great value to our customers world-wide.

Applied Data Sciences

Scaling analytics to exabyte-class problems that derives unique and valuable insight requires new ways of processing and analyzing data. Our data scientists cultivate business insights from petabytes of device-source event metrics every month. We pioneered the use of analytics and machine learning algorithms applied to solve difficult problems for the mobile industry.

Tier-1 Mobile Operators and Device Manufacturers

We deploy Carrier iQ’s software on millions of consumer devices to make critical business decisions and deliver network quality and great customer experience. We’re not building demo-ware, we’re delivering highly innovative and highly scalable mobile analytics products that change the way the world sees mobile devices.

Wireless Innovation

Our engineers and software developers work at the forefront of wireless innovation. We help operators and device manufacturers deliver the latest wireless technologies with unparalleled insight that improves consumers’ experience.

Latest Opportunities

Java and Build Software Engineer

Software Architect – Sunnyvale, CA

Senior Data Scientist – Sunnyvale, CA

Solutions Consultant – Malaysia

Solutions Consultant – Boston, MA / Chicago, IL / Sunnyvale, CA

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Great benefits

  • Food and snacks on-site, including fresh fruit, weekly breakfast and premium juices.
  • Highly Competitive compensation, including 401K plan
  • Generous benefits, including health, dental, vision, life insurances
  • Late Stage startup, with Stock Options

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  • Dedicated, smart teams.
  • Passionate, goal-oriented teams.


Carrier iQ is an equal opportunity employer.

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