We are all consumers of mobile networks and services and for the most part, our phones and the network we rely on work as we expect. For the times they don’t work, we expect Network Operators to know what is wrong and how to fix it. However, in many cases there is insufficient information to make things right.

Carrier iQ was formed to provide Network Operators with the information they need to improve the reliability of networks and to understand why phones and mobile devices don’t always deliver the performance we demand. Historically, Network Operators gathered diagnostic data from the network. This source of information only provided a one-sided view on where problems were occurring in the network and had no visibility into why battery drain or device issues occur.

It turns out that the only place for Network Operators to truly understand their network performance is in the phone itself. Your experience of dropped calls or phone crashes is the only real and material information that completes the knowledge of Network Operators about performance of their networks and devices.

Carrier iQ software, pre-installed by Network Operators and Device Manufacturers on many mobile devices, can be enabled by Network Operators to gather diagnostic data on the performance of the network your device. Diagnostic data from your device is typically transmitted once per day where it is analyzed to detect trends and issues, creating what we call Mobile Intelligence.

When you call your Network Operator for support, this Mobile Intelligence allows your Network Operator to determine what problem you are having and suggest fixes, so that you don’t need to spend 20 minutes explaining your poor experience.