Coverage and Roaming Analytics

Roaming is a huge blind spot for network operators. Consumers might be roaming erroneously – i.e., they’re actually in your network coverage, but for some reason their devices are connected to another network. Even when customers are roaming “appropriately” because they’re beyond your coverage area, you still lack visibility about them while they’re outside your network.

To manage the roaming situation, you want to:

  • See when and where consumers roam.
  • Know why your consumers’ devices leave your network.
  • Gather information crucial to answering consumers’ questions.
  • Enforce SLAs and avoid settlement surprises with your roaming partners.

Coverage and Roaming Analytics from Carrier iQ provides you with valuation information to understand your roaming situation

Here are some of the relevant roaming-related KPIs:

  • Individual roaming events depicted on geographic heat maps.
  • Percentage of time for selected devices in different types of roaming.
  • Number of transitions between home networking and roaming systems for selected devices.
  • Total duration in various types of roaming for selected devices.

These KPIs can be further analyzed in various dimensions, such as:

  • Types of roaming: 2G, 3G, 4G and Emergency mode versus Home.
  • Device descriptions, such as device models and firmware version.
  • Conditions prior to roaming, such as Ec/No, RSSI, RSCP, UARFCN, etc.