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Device Stability Analytics

Traditionally, device stability has been gauged through user feedback or volume of returns. Your product and support teams might scout blogs for user feedback, track the number of stability-related tickets at consumer care, or wait to see the number of device returns several weeks later.

The problem with this approach is that you often get incomplete feedback data too late. In the meantime, you continue to ship thousands of devices with the same quality issues. Your goal should be to catch device stability issues early, to minimize returns, consumer complaints, and support time.

Carrier iQ provides Device Stability Analytics on a daily or more frequent basis. These analytics let you compare performance across mobile devices by model and by firmware, as well as to perform cross-correlation analysis across groups, geographies, device type, and services. By comparing historical and current performance metrics, you can spot more quickly when device problems arise and take fast corrective actions.

Carrier iQ provides you with device stability KPIs such as:

  • Average uptime
  • Number of crashes
  • Number of normal shutdowns
  • Number of unclean shutdowns
  • Number of power cycles

These KPIs can be further analyzed in various dimensions, such as:

  • Device firmware revision
  • Device make and model
  • Shutdown type
  • The cell serving the device
  • The radio technology in use