Evaluate Post-Distribution Inventory

Device vendors offer different versions of their products, and varied pricing structures, by country or regions. After products are shipped to distributors, device vendors have little means to detect whether of not products are being siphoned off into grey markets, or how many of the products have actually been purchased from authorized channels and activated by consumers.

Carrier iQ’s Mobile Intelligence platform enables device vendors to track mobile device inventory, easily and accurately through the distribution channels. Depending on the level of information such as device identification, SIM operators, and location and time of activation – information important for accurate and immediate access to sell-through data.


Benefits of Carrier iQ’s Mobile Intelligence Platform:

  • Track grey markets worldwide, providing insights to regional price differentials and margin preservation
  • Manage inventory more tightly throughout different channels, by using actual consumer activation data from devices rather than relying on sell-through data from distributors.
  • Know how long products remain in channel before consumers purchase and activate them – and how many devices become stuck in channel.
  • Plan production more accurately by knowing device models’ sell-through pace and location – in order to coordinate production ramps.
  • Focus promotional activities and discounts to clear the specific channels where products are languishing.

Relevent Applications