Network Operators

Drive Network Service Quality

Customers perceive network performance and quality of service directly from their mobile devices. The data, voice, and messaging services offered by mobile network operators are consumed through smartphones or tablets. At the device, then, is where customer experience must be quantified.

Carrier iQ's (CiQ) products deliver insights on customer experience and network service quality using device-sourced metrics. By sourcing data directly from the device, CiQ's mobile intelligence big data platform lets network operators manage actual device experience, allowing them to provide better customer service and to optimize their networks.

Dynamically Assess Service Impact on Customers

Dynamically Assess Service Impact on Customers

No matter how carefully you monitor your network operations, you'll still be blind to certain types of network problems - unless you also monitor the devices customers use to access your network. Carrier iQ lets you aggregate direct user information to evaluate the impact of networking issues on your customers. With the actionable intelligence provided by Carrier iQ, you can detect and measure the impact network services issues have on your customers. 

Now, with actual data from your customers' perspectives, you can: 

  • Know what's working as well as know when your service is not working.
  • Know how many and which users are affected. 
  • Reconcile your network statistics with user experiences. 
  • Gain a complete picture of your network services so you can respond appropriately. 
Establish Root Cause of Network Problems

Establish Root Cause of Network Problems

Whenever customer complain about service problems, it's important that the root cause is determined quickly and accurately. Carrier iQ gives you real-world, up-to-date insights direct from the device that allows you to get to the source of the problem. In many cases, these insights allow better visibility than relying solely on network-based tools or drive tests. 

With Carrier iQ, you can: 

  • Identify root causes of failed calls. 
  • Identify specific locations of failures. 
  • Discover why an Emergeny Service call didn't go through as dialed. 
  • Uncover handoff problems between different radio technologies (e.g. when a user passes between 4G, 3G, and 2G coverage areas).
  • Understand historical performance snapshots for particular user populations or geographic regions, so you can pinpoint when and where past problems occurred and identify trends. 
  • Correlate and identify various problems caused by multiple failures. 
Enrich Networking Planning

Enrich Network Planning

When planning for new networks, you need to know where to deploy new cell sites, how to better predict capacity demand, and when to expand to next-generation wireless technologies. Carrier iQ provides current knowledge about how and where your customers actually use your services, knowledge that augments predictive models and makes planning more accurate and effective. 

Carrier iQ helps you: 

  • Plan for peak-hour traffic spikes (e.g. regular workday and close of school day) and special event spikes (e.g. stadium sport or concert event finish times). --- and occasional; the end of a stadium sporting event or concert, or finish times for conventions, trade shows, or theatrical events.
  • Determine how and when to deploy new cell sites, balancing capacity with coverage. 
  • Plan and prioritize deployment of 4G technologies to optimize your customers' user experience. 
  • Predict coverage and signal strength based on changes in season (e.g., how towers erected in winter will perform in spring when leaves grow on surrounding trees) and local construction (e.g., what happens when a new building goes up near your tower). 
  • Decide when and where to place micro-cells in particular transit stations, malls, campuses, or buildings.