Embedded iQ Agent

Comprehensive diagnostic metrics

The Embedded iQ Agent has the deepest level of integration with a mobile device and provides the most comprehensive diagnostics metrics.  When embedded into devices by device manufacturers, the Embedded iQ Agent measures RF signals and radio signaling messages between the devices and radio towers.  This information is used to understand which control signals are passed between the mobile device and the network and to resolve why a problem might be occurring (such as a dropped call).

Device integration

To install the Embedded iQ Agent, CiQ provides the device manufacturers with a porting guide and a metric requirements specification. The guide and the specification enable the device manufacturers to write a software interface to pass the necessary metrics from the device to the iQ Agent using the CiQ-specific Application Programming Interface (API) described in the porting guide. This CiQ specific API is the only mechanism by which iQ Agent receives metrics from the device.

Configuration and control

Network Operators and device manufacturers determine whether and how they deploy the iQ Agent and what metrics will be gathered and forwarded to the Network Operators.  The iQ Agent receives instructions in the form of a profile, which activates the iQ Agent and defines what available metrics are to be collected and provides instructions on how to pre-process the data prior to uploading.

The Embedded iQ Agent is not visible or discoverable by consumers.  Since it is deeply embedded inside the device software, it cannot be deleted by consumers.