Help When I Call

For many consumers, calling technical support for help with device problems or network reliability can be very frustrating. First you’ll have to explain which phone you have, how you have configured your phone and often, what firmware version you have. Then you’ll need to describe where you were when the problem occurred, what exactly happens and how often it happens. Next, from your description, if the call agent has some idea of what problem you have, the call will be passed to a technician, where you get to describe your problem again, this time in more detail. Only then can you hope to receive some answers.

Carrier iQ removes the questionnaire phase of your call to support by providing the care agents with a diagnostic summary of the problems you’ve likely been experiencing – not only providing the care agent details about your phone but delivering a history of the problems you have been experiencing during the previous week. With our tools, operators can tell if what you experienced is normal for your reception area or type of phone or if there are issues they can help resolve.

For example, the iQ Agent software on the device can be configured to report on which applications have been consuming your battery, crashing your phone or consuming data resources. Using our data, Network Operators can then advise which applications you might want to remove to improve performance or reliability. If you are having many dropped calls on you drive to the office, Carrier iQ can help the care agent understand if there is an issue with your phone or if there is a general call quality issue for their network on your commute.

For Network Operators, implementing Carrier iQ saves time and money in support calls and expensive technical support skills. Consumers receive a much better experience when they call because the call agents receive the knowledge they need to help.