iQ xPlore

Wireless devices have grown increasingly complex as they become the gateway device for customers. iQ xPlore delivers a mobile analytics platform for mobile network operators and device vendors to better understand real customer experience. Mobile network operators (MNOs) and device vendors rely on iQ xPlore's big data platform for actionable insights to improve time-to-market, and to increase customer satisfaction.


For Mobile Network Operators

For Benefit Features
Network Managers Optimize network coverage and performance  Reports on data coverage and performance, latency and data usage, as well as throughput voice performance, including set-up latency and failure
Reduce roaming costs  Identifies locations where subscribers roam on third-party networks
Monitor customer experience  ´╗┐Provides executive KPI reports that summarize network performance
Marketing Benchmark devices; understand device usage   Compares device model performance and power usage
Wi-Fi Strategy Quantify Wi-Fi; validate offload strategy  Analyzes Wi-Fi usage and associated cellular coverage, data upload/download, session lengths, set-up latency and RSSI

For Device Vendors

For Benefit Features
Marketing Gain accurate and instant pulse of business Direct feedback from user devices without reliance on traditional market research
Product Planning Optimize features and BOM planning Adoption rate and usage profile of new features can be measured in near-real-time to enable quicker planning, alternative promotion strategies, or renegotiation of prices with third-party vendors
Product Planning Application portfolio management iQ xPlore determines “out-of-the-box” true handset usage, giving insights into application usage by different segments, application usage during the first “n” days, overall application launches and duration, user interaction, and the path of the application 
Product Planning Accelerated development and testing  iQ xPlore can accelerate pre-launch testing and certification phase by automatically recording problems and their context as they happen, and provide data for developers to analyze, thus improving the quality and consistency of testing
Supply Chain Accurate and immediate access to sell-through data  iQ xPlore provides accurate, detailed views of the devices as they move through the distribution channels, enabling device manufacturers to more proactively control channel lifecycle, manage inventory more tightly, track grey markets worldwide, and improve plan production