Mobile Broadband iQ Agent

Comprehensive diagnostic metrics

The Mobile Broadband iQ Agent is a Windows service (i.e., background or daemon process) which consumers and testers have to install into their computers. Launched automatically when their computers reboot, the Mobile Broadband iQ Agent is able to gather performance and operation data from a USB or PC-card broadband modem through its diagnostic port. The iQ Agent supports EVDO/CDMA, GSM/UMTS/HSPA and LTE technologies.

No integration necessary

The Mobile Broadband iQ Agent requires no integration work from device manufacturers and works with new or existing mobile broadband devices. Since the Mobile Broadband iQ Agent runs on a host computer, the collected metrics can be uploaded through Ethernet (LAN), Wi-Fi or mobile technologies.

Configuration and control

Network Operators and device manufacturers determine whether and how they deploy the iQ Agent and what metrics will be gathered and forwarded to the servers.  The iQ Agent receives instructions in the form of a profile, which activates the iQ Agent and defines what available metrics are to be collected and provides instructions on how to pre-process the data prior to uploading.

The Mobile Broadband iQ Agent is installed by consumers and hence can also be removed.