Mobile Intelligence

The mobile and computing industries have undergone multiple transformations in recent years. The convergence of the computing and mobile industries has resulted in new industry ecosystems where various alliances now compete for consumers’ attention. Mobile network operators and device vendors have been at the forefront of delivering the best user experiences and now realize that traditional tools are no longer sufficient to the task.

Another consequence of the proliferation of smartphones and mobile devices: A constant deluge of data. More data than ever before is now available to device users. Providing a view into actual device-user experience, a view that allows for greater analysis and truly actionable insights, is now paramount.

Mobile Intelligence is about delivering useful and practical insights into the user experience. Built on device-sourced data and our big data platform, Carrier iQ’s Mobile Intelligence capabilities can transform raw events sourced from the mobile devices, with which consumers directly interact, into clear, unique, powerful insights for network operators and device vendors. These insights are in turn used to drive direct business benefits, from improving customer care to planning cellular networks and accelerating the deployment of new technologies. The unique insights delivered by Carrier iQ provide for a sustainable competitive advantage.


Mobile Intelligence is delivered as domains, with each domain providing insights into the user experience on the device. These insights are sometimes reported as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that customers can use to monitor and track the performance of their networks and devices.



Radio Technologies Analytics

  • Call establishment failures
  • % Time in 4G/3G/2G
  • 4G/3G/2G handover


Coverage & Roaming Analytics

  • Roaming on 4G/3G/2G vs home
  • Roaming locations on heat maps
  • Number of transitions between roaming and home networks.



Device Stability Analytics

  • Number of abnormal shutdowns
  • Number of Power Cycles
  • Total and Average Uptime



Data Throughput Analytics

  • Total IP downlink and uplink data volume
  • Average downlink/uplink data activity duration over cellular



Battery Analytics

  • Average Charge Cycle Duration and Rate
  • Average Drain Cycle Duration and Rate
  • Average Starting and Ending Charge Level
  • Number of Drain Cycles



Application Analytics

  • Application Upload and Download Data
  • Application Battery Use
  • Application CPU Use



Wi-Fi Analytics

  • Wi-Fi Upload and Download Data Volume
  • RSSI Distribution at Wi-Fi Association Start/End
  • Wi-Fi Associations Attempted and Ended in 3G/2G coverage areas