Reinvent Customer Care

The responsibility for supporting a user’s smartphone, and making sure it works well, rests with the mobile network operator (MNO), the device vendor, or the retailer. Until now, this meant dealing primarily with call quality and failed devices complaints. According to mobile operators, providing technical support today often means resolving sluggish performance issues, application woes, battery drain complaints, and configuration issues. At the core of growing support costs and falling First Contact Resolution (FCR) and Customer Satisfaction (C-Sat) scores is an essential problem: The amount of time, effort, and expertise required to diagnose and resolve each customer’s device concerns.

With current customer care systems, few facts are known about a user’s actual experience on the device, and what little there is to know must often be gleaned from an unhappy customer. Much like a doctor, the customer service representative (CSR) has to gather a complex list of symptoms from the patient (in this case, the customer). Unlike a doctor, however, the CSR has few tools with which to factually diagnose the cause of the symptoms.

What is missing to bridge this information gap is the diagnostic information necessary to allow the CSR to assist each customer quickly and efficiently. This diagnostic information resides on the mobile device, not in the network.



Detect Problems Automatically

Customer service representatives (CSRs) often spend an extensive amount of time listening to customers describe their perceived problems, and then confirming the nature and even existence of these problems. iQ Care significantly reduces the time for CSRs to comb through data to identify possible problems or rely on customers to describe their problems, thereby reducing the overall call-handling time.

Machine Learning for Problem Diagnosis

iQ Care builds its intelligence by learning relationships via data from millions of devices to make the right decision for a particular device. For example, the decision may be whether a problem exists in the device, or whether the device has any poor-performing applications. iQ Care mines the massive amount of device data, looking for properties or trends that are not obvious from simple statistics. The resulting intelligence is used to help make diagnostics decisions for individual devices.

Proactively Find Problems Before Customers Do

With CiQ’s big data platform, MNOs can proactively scan millions of devices daily to look for problems, before customers can find, or be negatively impacted by, them. If the detected problems relate to the network, the operator can fix them before their impacts intensify to more users. If the problems reside on the device, the operator may choose to notify individual customers and provide customers with resolutions.