Opt-out Capabilities

While Carrier iQ does not form direct relationships with consumers, we do provide our customers - Network Operators - with a number of tools which can enable user choice in the information that is gathered from mobile devices.

Permission to gather data is obtained by Network Operators. Once obtained, Network Operators use Carrier iQ software to gather performance data from devices on their network.

Carrier iQ does not make independent use of the performance data gathered by its software and does not have permission through contracts to independently analyze, sell or share data gathered.

Where Network Operators provide opt-out capabilities, Carrier iQ provides the following methods:

1) Opt-out through a web interface. Through a customer service web portal within a Network Operator, Carrier iQ can enable the Network Operator to allow the consumer to opt-out of the collection of specific types of information. This is configurable for each network operator. For example, a consumer may allow the collection of dropped call information but declines to allow information to be collected on application usage for customer care purposes.

2) Opt-out through an on-device application. Carrier iQ works with the Network Operator and Device Manufacturer to incorporate the opt-out questions in an application on the device. This enables the consumer to change their opt-out settings dynamically. For example, in a care scenario, the consumer may opt-in so that technical support staff can help with an issue and then opt-out after the issue has been resolved.

Regardless of the method used, Carrier iQ will gather data only from devices specifically named by our customers through the hardware and subscriber identity of the device.