Our Partners

The Carrier iQ Partner program provides the opportunity to work with network operators in implementing, integrating and interpreting mobile intelligence.

Carrier iQ works with partners to deliver Mobile intelligence to network operators around the world.  The program is designed to allow partners to leverage the skill-sets they deliver – mobile networking expertise, customer care systems knowledge or experience management – with mobile intelligence systems and technology provided by Carrier iQ.

With offices across the USA, Europe and Asia, Carrier iQ works with local partners to provide sales, integration and service capabilities.

Partnership Benefits

  • Become a leader in Customer Experience Management
  • Add value to Operator relationships that drive growth & profitability with Carrier iQ
  • Supplement your existing capabilities and solutions with Mobile Intelligence

“Carrier IQ is already working with mobile operators and device manufacturers around the world to help them improve customer care, device management and network planning and operations. After an extensive market review, Nielsen chose to work with Carrier IQ to offer a best-in-class solution to set performance benchmarks worldwide and help clients deliver a better mobile experience to their customers.” – Jonathan Carson, GM of Digital at Nielsen



As the preferred provider of Mobile Analytics to Ericsson, Carrier iQ and Ericsson collaborate to solve some of the most pressing network and device challenges for operators.


As an IBM Strategic Telecom Industry Partner, Carrier iQ is proud to collaborate with IBM in bringing unique and highly-valued solutions to Mobile Network Operators.


Carrier iQ and Symphony Teleca collaborate to deploy new and differentiated device-sourced mobile intelligence solutions for device manufacturers and mobile operators.



For partner inquiries, please contact us.