Preloaded iQ Agent

The Preloaded iQ Agent is pre-installed on mobile devices and is shipped out of the factory.

Mobile OS integration

The Preloaded iQ Agent does not require integration by a device manufacturer, but requires high- privilege (root) access to the mobile operating system.  The Preloaded iQ Agent collects diagnostics information through publicly available operating system APIs.  Consequently, it has the same level of access to system data like any other high-privilege applications on the device.

The main difference between a Pre-load iQ Agent and an Embedded iQ Agent is that the radio diagnostic data – detailed RF measurements or layer-3 protocol messages sent between the tower and the mobile device – are not available for analysis with the Preload iQ Agent.

Configuration and control

Network Operators and device manufacturers determine whether and how they deploy the iQ agent and what metrics will be gathered and forwarded to the Network Operators.  The iQ Agent receives instructions in the form of a profile, which activates the iQ Agent and defines what available metrics are to be collected and provides instructions on how to pre-process the data prior to uploading.

The preloaded iQ Agent is usually not visible or discoverable by consumers.  Since it is preloaded along with other device software, it is typically not removable by consumers.