Protecting Your Privacy

Carrier iQ solutions are designed to enable the most positive, innovative, and stable device experience possible for consumers in the ubiquitously mobile world. Combining our software solution and our big data platform, Carrier iQ’s mission is to provide our customers, generally mobile network operators or device vendors, with the actionable business intelligence they need to improve the reliability and performance of devices. In this way, we help achieve a better user experience for mobile consumers.

The Carrier iQ Solution

Carrier iQ software is designed and heavily tested to avoid any substantive impact on performance, usage, or battery life of the device. Our software gathers diagnostic and statistical data about the performance of the device. Examples of such diagnostic information include measurements or “metrics” related to dropped call statistics, application quality, and battery performance. The device software does not “see” or record any user communications, such as the content of web pages, contacts, email or text message content, or key presses.

Carrier iQ provides a “Software-as-a-Service” model whereby we host the analytics data on behalf of our customers. The physical location of our state-of-the-art data centers may vary depending on our customers’ needs and geographic reach.

Data Security and Privacy

Carrier iQ is committed to the highest standards of data protection, and we have designed our solutions with privacy and security features built into the very foundation of our software functionality. The device software is designed to be seamlessly customized to meet the data protection requirements that vary by customer and by geographic region.

Carrier iQ employs a variety of technical, procedural, and physical controls to deliver our analytics solutions in a secure and privacy-protective manner. The diagnostics data gathered by the iQ App are maintained in a protected location on the mobile device in a form that cannot be read without specifically designed tools and never in a human readable format. At predetermined intervals, the device will request a secure encrypted channel to an authenticated network server, whereby the data is transmitted through this encrypted channel to our state-of-the-art server environment. Moreover, additional protections are employed, such as data minimization, data redaction, or obfuscation.

Consumer Transparency

At Carrier iQ, we believe strongly that all consumers deserve a transparent view and solid understanding of the services that enable their mobile devices. We partner with our enterprise customers to achieve appropriate transparency so that their privacy policies and user terms of service appropriately describe the diagnostics and analytics data solutions achieved through our service.

We have built a variety of consumer consent features to enable our customers to easily incorporate our solutions into their respective privacy notices and programs. We respect our customers’ differing compliance and policy requirements related to consumer consent, and have created a menu of features to help promote and implement appropriate consumer consent needs.