iQ Care

Reinvent Customer Care With Big Data Analytics

As smartphones sales have increased, the impact on customer care costs has been dramatic. For mobile network operators (MNOs), the length of time to resolve each customer care call has, on average, increased by 10 minutes. The number of no-fault-found device returns has hit 40 percent, and the number of escalations from Tier-1 to Tier-2 customer service representatives (CSRs) has doubled. At the core of growing support costs, as well as falling First Contact Resolution (FCR) and Customer Satisfaction (C-Sat) scores, is an essential problem: The amount of time, effort, and expertise required to diagnose and resolve each customer’s device concerns.

iQ Care is a suite of analytics and applications that increases C-Sat and FCR scores, while minimizing call hold times and no-fault-found returns. With machine learning and advanced inferencing algorithms, iQ Care detects customer experience issues on devices, diagnoses these problems, and provides actionable recommendations to CSRs, enabling them to resolve the customer’s technical problems quickly and efficiently. iQ Care has been proven to save an average 3.5 minutes per customer support call.


iQ Care Brings a Set of Capabilities that are Unmatched in the Customer Support Industry: 

  • Provides Actionable Device Diagnosis: Unlike other solutions that allow a CSR to “log in” to a mobile device to view settings and diagnose an issue in real-time, iQ Care automatically detects device performance issues , diagnoses the problems, and generates actionable recommendations with “Alert” messages. Consequently, CSRs can save valuable time and avoid frustrating customers in the course of confirming the nature of device issues.
  • Uses Machine Learning for Problem Diagnosis: iQ Care builds its intelligence via learning relationships between data from millions of devices to make the right decision for a particular device. For example, the decision may be about confirming the existence and nature of a problem in the device, or whether the device has any poor-performing applications. iQ Care mines the massive amount of device data, looking for properties or trends that are not obvious from simple statistics. The resulting intelligence is used to help make diagnostics decisions for individual devices.
  • Diagnoses and Supports the Entire User Base: Unlike other solutions that enable insights for the care of small groups of customers only, the iQ Care teleco-grade big data platform was designed to support more than 50 million simultaneously reporting mobile devices.
  • Stops Unnecessary Device Returns: iQ Care utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to classify detected problems into device-related versus network-related issues. These insights help prevent unnecessary device returns.
  • Helps Customers Help Themselves: In the same ways that performance analytics help CSRs or store employees diagnose problems, similar information can be provided to customers through a self-care application on their smartphones. iQ Care provides a web services API for easy integration of device diagnosis into existing self-care mobile applications.
  • Anticipates Customer Frustration: Thanks to the unique features of Carrier iQ’s big data analytics platform, iQ Care can analyze performance data from the whole installed base of devices, enabling operators to address the issues proactively, instead of waiting for the customers to call.