iQ xPlore SmartStart

iQ xPlore SmartStart delivers insights into the customer experience on mobile devices for network operators. Powered by Carrier iQ’s mobile analytics platform and lightweight device app, operators can now quickly benefit from these insights and improve their customer experience without significant investment.BenefitsWireless devices have grown increasingly complex as they become the gateway device for users. With analytic insights direct from the device, mobile network operators can learn how voice, data, coverage, roaming, and Wi-Fi affect the customer experience, allowing them to deliver better services.

For Benefit Features
Network Managers Optimize network coverage and performance Reports on data coverage and performance, latency and data usage and voice performance, including setup latency and failure.
Reduce roaming costs Identifies locations where subscribers roam on third-party networks.
Monitor customer experience Provides executive KPI reports that summarize network performance.
Marketing Identify and monitor apps usage Understands app upload and download traffic, battery, and CPU consumption.
Benchmark devices; understand device usage Compares device model performance and power usage.
Wi-Fi Strategy Quantify Wi-Fi; validate offload strategy Analyzes Wi-Fi usage and associated cellular coverage, data upload/download, session lengths, setup latency, and RSSI


How We Do It

Hosted Service

– No investment and no expensive equipment — delivered as a service with little setup required

– No lengthy commitments — Flexible subscription service reduces risks and up-front investment

– Regular reports and data feeds

Quick Deployment

  • Subscription offering allows for quick time to deployment and network visibility
  • Summary dashboard presents Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Weekly reports provide detailed insights into network coverage and performance
  • Hosted service eliminates need for up-front investment

iQ App

  • Adaptive agent can be dynamically updated with customer profiles to collect relevant metrics
  • Collects, packages, and filters events before transmission to cloud, ensuring only critical data is collected with minimal network traffic
  • Flexible deployment options can be downloaded directly onto mobile device or compiled into existing app using SDK
  • Consumer consent and end-to-end security protects confidential data and user privacy
  • Non-intrusive lightweight agent deployed on mobile devices ensures minimal user impact