Radio Technologies Analytics

A lot can go wrong in mobile communications service delivery, and often multiple causes combine to create problems. With traditional networking analysis tools, you will make the best guess of the root cause of a given network problem, and send out drive test teams to try to reproduce the problem. The trial-and-error process is costly and very time consuming, and you may still be unable to reproduce the symptom. You simply might lack the diagnostic data from the device when the problem occurs, such as what systems are visible to the device and its exact location.

Carrier iQ collects the radio level diagnostics information as the problem occurs, and transmits the information over-the-air to your network engineers for analysis. There is no need for drive tests. You will have a complete picture of the problem to accelerate your discovery of the cause of a network problem.

The Radio Technologies Analytics are the Mobile Intelligence manifested from the detailed, level 3 control messages between the devices and the network. Supporting wide range of radio technologies, including GSM/UMTS/HSPA, CDMA/EVDO and LTE, the Radio Technologies Analytics consist of a large number of KPIs such as:

  • Call establishment failure with reasons
  • Call drop with reasons
  • Handover failure rates intra- and intersystem
  • System attach failure rates and latency
  • Amount of time the radio is active
  • PDP context setup attempts, setup failures, latency and abnormal release

These KPIs can be further analyzed in various dimensions, such as:

  • Device firmware, make and model
  • Frequency band used
  • Radio access technologies used
  • Ec/No
  • Location Area ID