Mobile Intelligence for Network Operators

Applying the power of device-sourced metrics to optimize customer care and improve network quality.

Mobile network operators (MNOs) face fierce competition, saturated markets, and disruptive threats from Over-the-Top (OTT) players. To maximize investments in their networks, devices, and business operations, MNOs must drastically improve their efficiencies and keep their customers happy.

Carrier iQ’s Mobile Intelligence System provides contextual insights into how customers interact with mobile devices, from application and device usage to perceived network performance. Mobile Intelligence empowers operators to act fast and to make evidence-based business decisions that optimize their networks, improve customer service, and partner with impactful application and device vendors.

Carrier iQ empowers operators with “outside-in” experiential information that is sourced directly from mobile devices. Device-side information provides the only objective view of how handsets and devices perform on the network, and how mobile devices perform day-to-day in the hands of customers. Carrier iQ transforms customer experience into insightful mobile intelligence in three steps:

Big Data Analysis

Aggregates, normalizes, and enriches information across millions of devices to uncover customer experiences, statistics, and trends.


Compares the performance of a device vis-a-vis the entire device population to identify performance problems, whether in the devices or in the network.

Machine Learning

Advanced algorithms learn from big data to identify macro patterns, diagnose problems, and isolate outliers.