Reinvent Customer Care

As the mobile industry matures and competition intensifies, mobile network operators have counted on superior customer experience to

A study from Accenture shows that as many as 27% of smartphone complaints relate to device and service performance. According to operators, some of the more challenging issues reported today include sluggish performance, weak or no coverage, slow data speed, application problems, short battery lives, configuration issues, and bill shock.

Unfortunately, the proliferation of smartphones and new network technologies has created complex interactions between network services, device features and application behaviors. It’s difficult for CSR’s to distinguish the root cause of sub-optimal customer experiences. For those customers who complain, the complaint resolution process creates frustration. At the same time, support teams are burdened with increases in both the number and length of calls, as well as in the number of “no-fault-found” device returns. And, because most unsatisfied customers never call support, they catch operators by surprise when they eventually churn.

Carrier iQ changes the way that technical problems are resolved to one which shortens call times while reducing customer frustration. Through the use of device-sourced analytics and advanced data sciences, CSR’s are provided with powerful and actionable diagnostic tools. By applying these insights to entire populations of devices, issues can be proactively discovered and resolved before they become acute.

Bridging the Support Information Gap

Customer support is challenged to deliver superior customer care at reduced costs — shortening the amount of time, effort and expertise required to diagnose and resolve each customer’s problems. With current customer care systems, few facts are known about a customer’s actual experience other than what is determined from lengthy discussions with each unhappy customer.

With diagnostic information from each consumer’s device, CSR’s can assist each customer more quickly and efficiently. Instead of analyzing a problem from the perspective of the network alone looking outwards, iQ Care delivers device sourced diagnostic information from the perspective of actual consumer devices, analyzed with advanced data science to create actionable recommendations that reduce the burden on CSRs, increase first call resolution, and shorten call hold time.

Find Unhappy but Silent Customers

Studies confirm that most unhappy customers don’t complain to their mobile operator or device supplier, even when they experience outstandingly negative service. Dissatisfied customers tend to spend less, spread news about their negative experience to other consumers, and eventually churn. Without getting any direct complaints, operators are blind-sided about the problems until customers leave.

iQ Care – Proactive enables operators to examine the customer experience of all devices regularly and identify problems from the silent majority, without waiting for their complaints. Once problems are detected, the identity of the device and its associated problems will be recorded for remedial actions. Consequently, problems can be automatically detected and fixed before they affect customer satisfaction.

Help Customers Help Themselves

In an era when customers look for instant gratification, the ability to resolve issues through self-service has gained in popularity. Technology limitations, however, have curbed the scope of self service to non-technical issues such as billing, charging and plans. iQ Care – Mobile unleashes the potential of mobile self-service by harnessing the same advanced analytics capabilities available to CSRs and making them available in a form that is accessible to consumers right on their mobile devices. By integrating the iQ Care – Mobile SDK into an operator’s or manufacturer’s existing mobile self-service application, customers are empowered to support themselves with instant, personalized resolutions to technical problems, and an unmatched view of their own experiences.