Professional Services

Successful deployment of a Carrier iQ Mobile Intelligence solution requires attention to a number of interrelated details. Deployment specifics can also vary widely, depending on the needs and goals of individual network operators and mobile device manufacturers.

To optimize your success, Carrier iQ has built a Professional Services organization consisting of industry experts who work collaboratively with you to help deploy our solution, drive value across all your stakeholders, and maximize the return on your investment. The Professional Services team plays a key role in all aspects of your relationship with Carrier iQ.

Here is what you can expect from Carrier iQ Professional Services:


  • Demonstrate the capabilities of Carrier iQ solutions through Proof of Concepts and Trials
  • Help you build business justification for investing in Carrier iQ solutions
  • Respond to RFP/RFI

Solution Deployment

  • Support device manufacturers in the integration and certification of Carrier iQ App on mobile devices
  • Analyze your requirements, help design your Mobile Intelligence infrastructure, deploy hardware, configure software, conduct performance testing, and facilitate system acceptance across your organization
  • Integrate Carrier iQ solutions with your business processes
  • Deliver on-site product and solution training
  • Provide operational support and maintenance


  • Supply continued support for launching new devices with Carrier iQ App
  • Develop custom data feeds and reports
  • Provide value-added analytical consulting services that deliver key insights into device and network performance
  • Integrate Carrier iQ’s data with third-party tools

Engagement Process

The Carrier iQ Professional Services organization follows a 5-Phase Engagement Process:


  • Inception– This phase, typically the bid process, defines the proposal or offer from Carrier iQ to you and results in a written proposal and budgetary estimate for the complete implementation. Satisfactory completion of this phase necessitates a good understanding of your requirements.
  • Elaboration– This phase takes the engagement to the point where you commit to the Requirements Definition Document (RDD). It includes Integration Mastering workshops, Device Integration Requirements, Reporting Workshops, and associated activities. To complete this phase, the requirements analysis should be 90%-100% complete.
  • Integration– This phase implements the vision defined in the Inception Phase and constructs the target system based on the requirements agreed upon in the Elaboration phase. The criteria for completion of Integration are that the entire system is ready for deployment at your site; a plan exists for obtaining acceptance from your organization; and a detailed support plan is in place.
  • Transition– This phase takes the project to completion, culminating in a formal handoff to you. Completion is defined by your acceptance (and complete satisfaction), plus operational monitoring by Professional Services.
  • Operations – In itself, Operations is not a separate phase. Carrier iQ defines the Operations phase as ongoing support for your organization, including Capacity Planning, Operations Reviews, Data Analysis, and related activities.

We conduct quality gates at the end of each phase, to allow Carrier iQ management to identify problems and risks as early as possible. In this way, we ensure that your project stays on a path leading to successful implementation of Mobile Intelligence solutions.