What Data is Collected?

Carrier iQ allows Network Operators to select from a list of measurements available on the device which are chosen depending on the problems they need to solve. These measurements or “metrics” are gathered on the device by Carrier iQ’s Agent software and then transmitted through the Network Operator, typically once a day.

The iQ Agent on the device is counting and measuring performance, not gathering content from your phone. The iQ Agent is designed to gather analytics that improve performance and we do not collect content such as text or instant messages, web page content, emails, contacts, application data or what you type or press.

A summary of the types of information we can gather is listed below. Network Operators typically gather a subset of this list. There are also restrictions on certain device types and operating systems which can further diminish what can be gathered.

Radio Technologies and Domains
•       EVDO/CDMA (Rev 0 and Rev A)
•       LTE/CSFB
•       Idle mode coverage and roaming
Circuit-Switched Voice Services
•       Call attempts (GSM/WCDMA)
•       Call establishment success/failure
•       Call setup latency
•       Handover performance
•       Call-end cause analytics
•       Root cause (coverage, pilots)
•       Device cross domain
•       Active mode roaming
•       Mobility & session management
•       RLC and PHY throughputs and data volume
•       Setup latency
•       RRC performance
•       2G/3G/4G hand down
•       Device cross domain
Application, Battery, UI
•       App context changes (focus/background)
•       Charge cycles
•       Battery charge level and drain
•       Screen touch events
•       Backlight and CPU (Android)
IP and IP Services
•       Application protocol throughput, latency
•       HTTP, FTP, IMS
•       IP throughput, latency, packet Loss
Device Stability and Device Status
•       Device configuration
•       Device crashes
•       Power on and power off events
•       Memory/flash status

More information on specific metrics can be found in our Understanding Carrier iQ white paper