Wi-Fi Analytics

You may own a Wi-Fi network or have partnered with Wi-Fi partners. The challenge is there are hundred times more private/public hotspots than Wi-Fi access points under your control. When customers use these private/public hotspots, they are like “roaming” to other networks and disappear from your view. You have little data to measure the effectiveness of your current Wi-Fi arrangement.

Carrier iQ delivers crucial Mobile Intelligence that allows you to maximize Wi-Fi offloading. The Wi-Fi Analytics provide valuable data for Access Point location placement, Wi-Fi & 3G network configurations, Wi-Fi offload success evaluation, Service Level Agreement enforcements and consumer Wi-Fi Quality of Experience assessment.

A sample of the relevant Wi-Fi Analytics key performance indicators (KPIs) include:

  • Wi-Fi Connection Attempts, Attempt Failures, Setup Success and Setup Failures
  • Average and total Wi-Fi upload and download data volume
  • Percentage of time the device is connected to various wireless technologies (2G/3G/4G/Wi-Fi/No Service)
  • Number of Access Points seen, connected and not connected
  • Average Wi-Fi Association/Connection Duration
  • Wi-Fi Signal Strength Distribution at Connection Start and Connection End

These KPIs can be further analyzed in various dimensions, such as:

  • Device Firmware, Make and Model
  • Access Point Type, SSID or Name
  • RF Layer Transmit Power and Signal Quality